"Brazil is bigger than Europe, wilder than Africa, and weirder than Baffin Land"

Lawrence Durrell, British novelist and travel writer

"Rarely do you get the perspectives of both an ex-pat and a Brazilian native, both highly successful multinational executives, and both deeply rooted in business practices and social culture. Joe and Cláudia pull together these important aspects to provide an insightful guide to succeed in the most important market in the world today."

- Larry K. Williams, VP for Technology Industry Development Metro Atlanta Chamber

Atlanta, Georgia


"This is a must-read book for those who are planning to do business in Brazil and willing to embrace the opportunities and joys of this country."

- Cláudio Raupp, VP Printing and Personal Systems Group, HP Brazil São Paulo, Brazil


"Having served in Latin America as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer and later having held a number of commercial positions with responsibility for the region, I recommend Joe and Cláudia's insightful, practical, clever, and entertaining book as a must-read for those who have not experienced the region first-hand or who might otherwise still believe that Brazil is 'just another Latin market.'"

- Bill Plummer, VP of Governmental Relations, Huawei Washington, D.C.


"I am pleased to see the topics covered in this book—issues and challenges a foreigner may face doing business here in Brazil. Unfortunately, many people miss the opportunities due to a general ignorance of Brazil's culture, its 'modus operandi,' and its governmental regulations. This book prepares individuals to proactively confront those challenges. Brazil offers infinite possibilities for those who are willing to both listen and learn. If you are one of those people, I recommend you read and truly learn from this book."

- Valmir Sandri, Judge, Brazilian Federal Administrative Tax Court

Partner, Mussi, Sandri, & Pimenta Advogados Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


"They Don't Speak Spanish in Brazil is a 'must-read' for anyone who thinks the only hurdle to doing business in Brazil is getting past the consulate's red tape for a travel visa. Even after nearly two decades of living and working in Brazil, I found Joe and Cláudia's insights intriguing."

- Davis Bales, Owner, Inn Pousada Ninho da Arara

Owner, Brazil Motorcycle Adventures Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


"Joe knows Brazil first-hand. He was never afraid to go in-person to experience the country, its people, and its rules. Cláudia brings to bear her extensive expertise in Brazilian tax law and accounting, something that is very peculiar and different from other countries. I recommend this book as excellent guide for any person working or starting a business in Brazil."

- Nelson Lode, Product Manager for Latin America Customs Brokerage and Compliance, DHL Global Forwarding Latin America São Paulo, Brazil


"The most practical tax strategy guide for a very complicated market. They Don't Speak Spanish in Brazil is the best book I've encountered to help navigate a complex market and share some obscure laws that can enhance company profits and cash flows, with plenty of real-life examples on how to enhance any businessperson's foray into business in Brazil."

- Ron Wall, CFO, William Grant and Sons, North America New York, New York


"To succeed in Brazil, you need to be proactive; Joe and Cláudia tell you how. I wish I'd had this book when I first went to Brazil. It would have saved me so much time and money."

- Brian Schicker, President, Mobile Mentor Wellington, New Zealand and São Paulo, Brazil


“They Don't Speak Spanish in Brazil is without question the best resource of its kind."

- Jack Oliver, Sr. Advisor, Barclays Capital New York, New York


"There's nothing better than a Brazilian-American couple to demystify the riddle of Brazil. The culture, language, and the way of doing business are different from every other country in the Americas. This book is a must-have not only for foreigners but for locals, too."

- Rudinei Kalil, VP and GM, Motorola Mobility Miami, Florida


“I found this book to be an insightful, up-to-date digest of how to successfully navigate in the complex business landscape of Brazil and build market-dominant companies. From over two decades of first-hand experiences, Cláudia and Joseph Low know the trials and tribulations of working in this country. With clarity and real examples, this is an easy-to-read blueprint to guide corporate executives and start-up entrepreneurs alike through all aspects of doing business in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. A highly valuable resource."

- Roman Kikta, Author of Wireless Internet Crash Course

Managing Partner and Founder, Mobility Ventures Dallas, Texas


"Do not make another move until you read They Don't Speak Spanish in Brazil. Joe and Cláudia show you how to navigate the Brazilian way of doing business in the new superpower of South America with humor, real-life examples, and valuable facts. A must-read."

- Larry Paulson, EVP and CMO, BrightPoin San Diego, California


"Excellent read. In the global business environment, you get one shot to make the right impression. The information in this book gives you the knowledge to show your Brazilian customers you know what you are doing and understand their needs."

- Steven Howard, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances, LGE Mobile Research San Diego, California


"The promise of Brazil has arrived. Joe and Cláudia offer fantastic insight on navigating the Brazilian corporate landscape as well as day-to-day life."

- Michael Hart, VP and General Counsel, Latin America American Tower Corporation

Atlanta, Georgia


"Joe and Cláudia are THE authorities on doing business in Brazil. If I'd had They Don't Speak Spanish in Brazil before I went there, it would have saved me a lot of hassle and embarrassment."

- Don Pitt, VP of Marketing, Verious San Francisco, California


"Joe and Cláudia have translated their impressive collective experience into a book that is funny, thought-provoking, and downright indispensable."

- Michael Vium, Head of Transactional Services, Evenex Copenhagen, Denmark


"Getting Brazilians to respect and especially admire someone is not an easy task, more so if you are a foreigner. Joe has established and maintains strong relationships here, as he not only offers friendship (very important) but also transparency and a pragmatic approach to whatever subject is currently under discussion. These are key traits for success here. I fully recommend this book to non-Brazilians interested in learning more about doing business here in Brazil."

- Rasso von Reininghaus, Managing Partner, DTB Brasil São Paulo, Brazil


“They Don't Speak Spanish in Brazil is a must-buy for any company or executive wishing to do business or relocate to Brazil. As well as providing a down-to-earth summary of the realities behind the common perceptions (and misconceptions) regarding Brazil, the book provides practical guidance on the legal options for setting up a company and demystifies the complexities of Brazilian taxes. The book will be one of the best investments you will make in your conquest to do business in Brazil."

- Martin Smith, Managing Director, SFE In Action São Paulo, Brazil


"In their friendly, matter-of-fact manner, Brazilians often told me that it takes a year to 'tropicalize' a gringo. I wish I had had this book prior to my corporate move to Brazil as it would have been a quicker assimilation process!"

- Charles Henagan, Managing Director, Market Edge International New York, New York


“My first trips to Brazil were filled with ‘learning opportunities.’ While at the time I considered them part of the process, they wasted time and money. This book combines practical cultural lessons alongside important business considerations that allow the reader to hit the ground running, ask insightful questions, and communicate a sense of preparedness to every potential business contact they meet.”

- Ralph Labarta, CTO, Engage PEO Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida


“It’s not all carnival and games when you’re doing business in Brazil, and this book is testament to that. Like other volumes about conducting business in emerging economies, Joe and Cláudia's book nails down the essential ‘must-knows’ for getting started and succeeding in this thriving country. You will laugh heartily and think energetically while you read this indispensable book.”

- Ron Proleika, Sr. Director of Marketing, DukeNet Communications Charlotte, North Carolina


"Having worked many years in Latin America, it is clear that Brazil is a market that is unique and complex, both culturally and in its business climate. Joe and Cláudia offer a common-sense, real-life guide on how to navigate these complexities. For anyone who wants to succeed in this fascinating market, this book is your roadmap."

- David Mayor, Director of Sales Channel Development, Huawei – North America Dallas, Texas


"Business law, kidnapping, lipstick, and economic incentives - this is everything you need to do business in Brazil."

- Tyson Verstraete, Founder/CEO, Life of Two San Francisco, California


"If you want real, practical advice on doing business in Brazil, this book is your bible. Destined to become a classic."

- William J. Billeaud, President, Lombard Global, Inc. Plano, Texas


"The combination of intelligent humor, technical information, and key cultural nuances regarding Brazilian daily life make this book an essential tool for those truly wishing to understand how business 'is done' in Brazil. Joe and Cláudia bring together well the essential aspects and inherent challenges often associated with Brazilian business and legal processes."

- Mauro Eduardo Lima de Castro, Attorney, Pinhão & Koiffman Advogados São Paulo, Brazil


“Don’t let distant corporate marketing gurus doom you with generalizations. While it’s convenient to lump Brazil into ‘Latin America,’ it’s also grossly naïve. Get this book and learn what you’ve been missing.”

- Jason Dyer, VP of Sales and Marketing, Quickoffice Dallas, Texas


“The authors take us through a journey in Brazil addressing not only the legal, tax, and fiscal aspects, but also the cultural nuances necessary to truly succeed in any international business venture. In the past 20 years, I have kicked off four start-ups in Brazil for global companies. Had I had this book at the right time, it would have saved hundreds of hours explaining to my foreign employers what for me was business as usual.”

- Tarik Sarhan, Director of Sales and Operations, Telogis, Inc. São Paulo, Brazil


“Having worked in Brazil and with Brazilians for many years, the highly talented team of Cláudia and Joe have created what is sure to become the bible for doing business in Brazil.”

- Adam Gould, CEO, Sensinode San Diego, California


“I wish I’d had this book when I first went to Brazil. I could have been much more efficient.”

- Jim Berridge, VP of Sales, PCD Atlanta, Georgia


“Every country should have a guide on its cultural aspects and traditions. For Brazil, Joe and Cláudia cover not only that but also the investment opportunities now offered.”

- Julio E. Mora, CFO, Upala Agrícola San José, Costa Rica